About Department

About Department

The Department was established in 1950 with the establishment of the college. Since then this Department has shown the excellent performance. The students after studying here are working in all the different important fields like Administration, Research (Scientists) (Here and Abroad), In University Teaching Departments of various Universities, Degree & Professional Colleges, Schools, Petrochemical Industries, Rubber Industries, Sugar Industries, ONGC etc and are playing their Vital Role in the upliftment of the country.
Science Society 
The Department is running a science society comprising all the faculty members and the students of BSc I, II, III (medical and non medical). The purpose of the society is to organize the different competitions( like Declamation contest, Poem Recitation, Essay Writing, Slogan Writing etc),Quiz, Seminars & Extension Lectures etc. on burning topics.
The President, Secretary, Treasurer etc .i.e. All the posts are always hold by the students and also all the functions are organized by the students themselves under the guidance of the faculty members. This increases their Confidence Level and inculcates the good habits of writing, lecture delivering, and stage anchoring etc. among the students. 

The Dept. has three labs well equipped with latest Apparatus, Glassware Equipment and Chemicals.