Scheme of Studies (B.A.)

Scheme of Studies: B.A., B.A.I, B.A. II

1. Compulsory Subjects

  • English
  • Hindi/Sanskrit
  • Environmental Studies (for B.A I and B.Com I only)
  • Compulsory Computer Education ( Computer Awareness Level-I )

2. Elective Subjects
Student has to take any one combination given below.

Combinations. No. Subject I Subject -II
1. Geography Public administration
2. Geography Economics
3. Geography Sociology
4. Geography history
5. SKT(E) Maths
6. SKT(E) Music(V)
7. SKT(E) Sociology
8. SKT(E) Home science
9. SKT(E) Psychology
10. Maths Economics
11. Maths History
12. Public administartion Home sc.
13. Public administartion Psychology
14. Economics Sociology
15. History Sociology
16. Music(V) Economics
17. Music(V) History
18. Home sc. History
19. Psychology Economics
20. Geography Mathematics
21. Physical education Sanskrit (E)
22. Physical education History
23. Physical education Economics


  • Every student shall opt Hindi either as compulsory subject or as elective subject.
  • Language offered as compulsory subject cannot be offered as an elective subject.
  • The combination offered by five or fewer than five students can be cancelled.